Why Us?

  • Small, personable, family owned business. The owner cares about your business in the same way that he cares about his own.
  • Attention to detail. The owner, Sean Cooper, IS The Gym Detailer. He is a former special forces commander with a relentless drive to do every job the right way and keep a high standard always!
  • We move your equipment for you. Other companies view it as too time consuming and too much work, and thus expect you to move any equipment before and after they come. When you hire The Gym Detailer you get your money’s worth.

  • Impeccable service, your gym and your equipment is truly handled in a professional manner with true care and a true passion for small gyms to thrive. The pillar of our business is making your business look and feel clean.

  • Quite Simply, No One Else Does What We Do!


Experience the Difference...

People notice a truely clean and well kept gym. You will be amazed at the comments you will overhear, and the complements your clients will give you.
Even Better is the fact your people will stay month after month, year after year. You need the Gym Detailer taking care of your most valuable asset, your gym!

The Gym Detailer

the Industry's Highest Standards of Service