The Gym Detailer A Clean Gym Builds a Healthy Reputation

You Deserve Someone Who Works As Hard As You Do!

  • Your Clients are health oriented and want a Clean and Healthy Environment to work out In.

  • Gym Owners and Trainers are too busy running their business to do deep cleaning.

  • Hourly Employees have other important tasks.

  • Cleaning services are expensive, have high turn over, and barely scratch the surface when it comes to a true deep clean.

  • Just as a Luxury Car Owner protects his investment with regular detailing…

    Gym Owners need a True Pro with an eye for detail, and a relentless pursuit of perfection… 

  • The Gym Detailer has the Heart and Mind of a Champion and applies his core fire to everything he does. That includes designing his business to make your business… Absolutely Shine!

Because You’re a Competitor…

You Need THE GYM DETAILER… Your Secret to a Sparkling Gym!

Working Out

A Clean Gym Builds A Healthy Reputation

  • Your Gym Detailer is:

  • Always Pushing to Be His Best in Everything He Does.

  • A Former Special Forces Commander with a Conquer the next Mountain dedication and experience.

This isn’t a cleaning job, its a Mission. A Mission to keep Your Clients Coming Back and Referring Friends and Family.


Detailing is hard work and finely tuned

So What Does A Gym Detail Consist of?

*Each Gym is different and may require slightly different services. 
We will customize a quote for exactly what you need.